Coaching that fits you
Every rower or team that wants to improve will have something else that needs coaching. That is why we choose for custom coaching. Together with you or your team, we will determine what you want and design a regimen that fits your needs. This can vary from just a few hours to several days and has a schedule customized for you. Everything is open for discussion. This can be done at location or at your rowing club.

Do you want to experience rowing?
That is possible! We can help you with the basics of rowing and perhaps you also enjoy it.

Weerribbenrowing is found at a unique location in the Weerribben between the Giethoornse meer (Lake Giethoorn) and Kalenberg (National park Weerribben-Wieden). A beautiful, calm and relaxing location at the edge of the national park. Apart from rowing, you can enjoy walking, cycling or the relaxing nature itself. Between the reeds and other greenery, you can navigate the water without interruption and you can see swans, herons and more. Unique is the possibility to alternate crossing lakes, canals,  and other waterways in short succession. Combining a short vacation with a few coaching sessions is possible here.

Due April 2023, our two spacious apartments in our renovated authentic stable will be finished and available for rent. There will also be a wide room with its own shower, toilet and pantry. You are, of course, welcome to bring your own boat to enjoy the weerribben from the water. With, or without coaching.


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