Rowing is amazing! And it only gets better when you cross the water skillfully. This holds true for marathon rowing, tour rowing and when rowing a race. Weerribben Rowing tends to all rowers and every boat type. In addition to that, it doesn’t matter how much rowing experience you have; Whether you have never even been on the water or you regularly row in a competition, you are welcome here and we can offer you a fitting coaching plan. This, because everyone deserves to improve their rowing and to increase their enjoyment whilst doing so, regardless of experience.

Whether you want to train hard, whether you row a race or marathon or simply want to enjoy nature from the water, the best result is found from crossing the water skillfully. “Weerribben Rowing” has the vision that this succeeds when you:









- Are comfortable in a boat and have plenty of rowing agility;
- Use a rowing technique that is optimized for you;
- Enjoy rowing and are relaxed on the water.

Practically all rowing courses on offer in the Netherlands focus on rowing technique, but we believe in: Boat control, Rowing technique and fun. These concepts are connected and only when you focus on connecting each separate gear,  will you achieve skillful and relaxed rowing, allowing you to focus on training, touring or on winning your competition to your heart’s content. You will row more relaxed, faster, you’ll avoid injury and you will know what you can and can’t do.