Who are we?

The coaching will be provided by Albert Nieuwenhuis (1974) and Sandra van Hees (1973). We have both been rowing since we were 9 years old and have been active in the rowing world for years as competitive and tour rowers, coaches and we are experienced with boat maintenance. Passion for rowing and the pleasure of making others enjoy rowing and improving their technique is what we stand for!

Summarized: We have rowed tours, marathons and competitions in every boat type in addition to steering and coaching (youth, juniors and veteran rowers) for years.

Sandra started coaching competitive rowers in her student years at Skadi (1993) and picked this back up later at the Zwolsche. Albert has likewise started coaching rowers in 1994 at the Hunze and later at the Zwolsche. A number of these rowers have taken part in the Coupe de Jeunesse and the world rowing championships for juniors.

Since 2020, we have started a youth division for rowers 9 years and older at Aengwirden, which now floats like a charm. Due to our years of experience, we can improve the technique of rowers in a short time.

Our wish to live at the water and coach from home was realized in 2019. Moving to Steenwijkerdiep at the border of the National park Weerribben-Wieden made this possible: A beautiful, unique location at ideal coaching water with countless possibilities. After 2 years of renovating, we can finally start Weerribbenrowing in 2021. We would like to receive you at this beautiful location to help you take your next stroke in rowing.