Prices – DE

Options & prices
Together with you, we will determine your training needs and when you want to be coached. After that, we’ll design a training regimen that fits your needs.


Listed below are the prices and an indication of what sort of coaching we can offer:
- Personal coaching skiff/c1x per day: €125,- Including coffee/tea/soda & lunch (excluding boat);
- Multiple rowers in small numbers (1x/2x/2-/c2x+): €82,- pp/per day, including coffee/tea/soda & lunch (excluding boat);
- Multiple rowers in a team (4x/4-/c4x+): €60,- pp/per day, including coffee/tea/soda & lunch (excluding boat);
- Finetuning the boat: €60,-

During breaks, we provide coffee/tea/soda along with some snacks, a lunch and, if necessary, overnight stay. Nutrition is also a part of rowing. As such, our lunches and coffee breaks are  made up of biological products from the region: farmer store Maronesse, Eco farm “De Eerste”, Weerribbenzuivel, Weerribbenschapenzuivel and fresh product from other local farms.

You can bring along your own boat. If this is not possible, contact us for the possibilities.

Overnight stay:
Do you choose to go for a multi-day coaching-regimen at our location, then we can help you contact a bed & breakfast at walking distance from our location “Weerribbenrowing”.

Restricting the coaching to a single day and spending the following days putting this learned knowledge into practice is, of course, also possible. If you bring your own boat, you can park it with us, or you can make use of our boats.